Food Product Development

Recipe Formulation

The purpose of the recipe formulation service is to serve the Hawaii food and agricultural communities in the development and marketing of value-added food products derived from Hawaii’s agriculture community by creating and formulating new recipes. In this process, MFTC’s food scientists and student interns create food products based on customer requirements.

Testing Services

Testing is part of the food product development process and is included as a service in addition to recipe formulation, as well as being offered as a stand alone process for clients who already have a product developed.

Sensory Testing

Conduct taste and sensory evaluations of food products using professional food sensory testing methods and storing results in the MFTC proprietary database. Further, we will test proposed and final formulations with the target demographic market as provided by the client.

Scientific Measurement of Food Quality Attributes

Conduct physical and chemical measurements of all food products before and after development of the finished recipe. Final measurements such as pH, density, viscosity, and percent soluble solids will be recorded as final formula specifications and sent to our clients.

Information Services


Market Research

A goal of MFTC is to be an effective food science and food technology information resource to the Hawaii community. As such, MFTC will continuously stay abreast with food industry trends and market research data, analyze the data for issues particularly relevant to Hawaii, and frequently summarize the data and present it to the Hawaii community in various formats to educate and inform about food trends. In addition, MFTC will maintain a database of sensory evaluation data and taste testers. The sensory evaluation data can be analyzed to identify food trends unique to Maui and Hawaii.


MFTC will provide food and flavor development consulting services. This may include, designing processing procedures, helping with package design, helping clients select private label food producers in Hawaii and on the mainland, helping clients with nutritional data on food labels, and shelf life studies. MFTC will help local chefs and entrepreneurs desiring to develop and market their own products.