“The Expo was very successful! My company’s booth was visited by many potential new clients, many of whom, I have never heard of before and right here on Maui. As a result, we are sending several new flavor samples out to be tried in new food products.”- Mike Abrams, MFTC Founder and Owner of Flavor Waves

“Maui Food Technology Center did a fantastic job organizing the Expo. The turn-out was great and I met many interesting people and had a lot of interest in our product. Thanks!” - Roastar

“Everything was well done and very organized for a 1st time event. Seems well marketed for a first event, too!” - Netcom

“Mahalo for an incredible convention. We learned so much, made awesome connections and found valuable services and ingredients we had no idea existed in Hawaii. It way surpassed our expectations and so impressed how well organized it was. Next year I will do lots of promotion on my FB. Mahalo again.” - Maui Cookielady (FB posting)

“We thought the Expo would be a great opportunity for us to talk to a different group of folks and also for networking. The event itself was fantastic! We spoke with the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture about getting garbanzo beans for our products grown here locally in Hawaii, to the Agribusiness Incubator Program about growing our business, and to Flavor Waves about a possible flavoring for our product.” - Sean Bales, Co-Owner of Chic Naturals

"The Expo was a perfect forum for Maui's food production industry's various shareholders to come together under one roof to share ideas and concerns. It gave everyone an opportunity to meet the regulators, growers, processors, technical experts, and various vendors that provide services and supplies to the food industry. It was a perfect "one stop" shopping place for getting help and sharing ideas and getting answers." - Tai Kahn, Lab Director of FQLabs