MFTC is  looking for a new locally-made food product that utilizes the most amount of locally grown products. The product must have commercial viability. MFTC will help that local entrepreneur to take their product from idea to the store shelf.

A : $10.00 Registration Fee.

B : 4 - 6 servings of product to be delivered between 9am - 10am on April 6th

C: List of all ingredients in recipe, specify the local ingredients

D: Include a short story about your product

Download the Contest Entry Form

1st place winner - will receive the assistance from MFTC consultants to complete project. ($1500.00 value)

2nd place - 2 hours of free consultation with Food Scientist and 2 free nutritional labels. ($500.00 value)

3rd place - 1 hour of free consultation with Food Scientist and 1 free nutritional label. ($250.00 value)